1.         Name

The name of the Society shall be “Magnetics Society of India”.  It shall be a professional and non-profit organization.

2.         Registered Office

The registered office of the Society shall be in Hyderabad in the State of Andhara Pradesh and shall be located at the Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory, Hyderabad – 500 058 until and otherwise decided.

3.         Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Society shall be:

3.01 To serve as a National Organisation to promote, encourage and develop the growth of magnetic materials, components, devices (hereinafter  referred to collectively as  “Magnetic Materials”) and instrumentation  industries and to stimulate interest in the science and technology and  allied techniques and applications thereof  (hereinafter referred to  collectively as “Magnetics”).

3.02 To serve as a common forum for individuals, institutions, organizations and industries interested in the above.

3.03 To disseminate information concerning developments both in India and abroad in the related fields of Magnetics through publications.

3.04 To organize lectures, discussions, conferences, seminars, colloquia and courses relating to Magnetics.

3.05 To initiate steps directly or through ISI to standardize Magnetic Materials and test equipment.

3.06 To promote the establishment of testing for certification of Magnetic Materials.

3.07 To identify and recommend areas for research and development work in the country relating to Magnetics.

3.08 To provide or acquire property such as offices, conference rooms, libraries, reading rooms, land buildings, workshops, laboratories or  other buildings and conveniences  in connection therewith and to  furnish, equip and maintain and conduct the same, and to permit the  same and other property of the Society to be used by constituent members either gratuitously or on payment.

3.09 To establish liaison with Government, individuals, institutions and commercial bodies on matters pertaining to Magnetics and to advise them when needed or  requested.

3.10 To cooperate with other bodies having similar objectives.

3.11 To affiliate itself to appropriate international organization(s), for the promotion of common objectives and to represent them in India.

3.12 To organize regional chapters in different parts of the country as and  when the need arises.

3.13 To do all such other acts as the Society may think necessary, incidental or conducive to the attainment of the aims and objectives of the Society.

4.         Registration

4.01 A copy of the Rules and Regulations and Bye-laws certified by any five of the council members shall be filed with the Memorandum.

4.02 We, the undersigned whose names and addresses are given below are desirous of being formed into a Society in pursuance of this Memorandum under the Public  Societies Registration Act 1350 F, under  the name of “Magnetics  Society of India”.